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TribaMythica officially formed in 2013 and is the collective work of husband and wife team, Esther and Martin Winckles.


Esther is an internationally selling Fantasy Artist, with a background in Graphic Design. She has a portfolio of fantasy and wildlife art available as prints and greetings cards with MoonDragon Cards (Under her maiden name of Esther Remmington) and is currently working on a new collection of Art alongside leatherworking. She is also the business head of the duo, creating all of the graphics, website, photos, social media and more.

Martin is a self-taught leather worker, with a particular passion and skill for armour making. He has a fantastic ability to turn ideas into actual products, creating patterns for bags and costume pieces from scratch.


Their leather crafting career began as a hobby making costumes for Halloween parties and Fantasy events. Martin started making bags which they then sold alongside Esther's artwork at fayres. Before long, the two began to merge. 

Esther started carving and painting her artwork onto the leather bags that Martin made, along with creating leaf and feather jewellery, and their joint venture evolved into a full time business. 

In 2018 they followed their dream and moved from Essex to Somerset, and became full-time self-employed.

With over 10 years of experience, they bring to you an ever evolving range of imaginative and skilfully hand made leather creations and art.

"Inspired by our love of nature, myth, fantasy, celtic, medieval, and paganism, we bring to you a collection of beautifully hand crafted art, leather bags, jewellery, costume pieces and accessories.

All of our work is hand made in our home studio, nestled at the bottom of our garden on the edge of the magical town of Glastonbury in Somerset, UK.


We currently balance our time between selling online and exhibiting at a select few events in the UK. Please visit our Events page for an up to date list of appearances, we really love meeting you all and hope to see you at an event soon!"


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