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Officially formed in 2013, TribaMythica is the collective work of a husband and wife team.
We bring you an ever evolving range of imaginative and skilfully hand made leather creations, inspired by nature, myth, magic and fantasy.

We are best known for our unique leather bags, each featuring hand painted images in our recognisable style.

However, we also love to create costume pieces, from full sets of armour, to headdresses and jewellery. 

Our mission is to create beautiful, wearable art that makes people feel amazing.

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About Us

We are Esther Remmington Winckles and Martin Winckles, a husband and wife team who have merged our skills and imaginations to create a unique style and brand.

What began as a hobby creating costume pieces for ourselves has evolved into a full-time business, with over 10 years of refining our skills and developing our style. 


Esther has a background in graphic design, but went on to develop a career as a fantasy and pagan artist, selling her work all over the world. She currently has a rage of her work published with Moondragon Cards, and has recently created a new collection of work that was part of an exhibition alongside three world renowned fantasy artists. She is passionate about nature, myth and spirituality, all of which shows in her work, be it leather creations or artwork. Her speciality is tooling and painting her designs onto our bags, but also really loves creating headdresses and jewellery.

Martin is a self-taught leatherworker with a particular passion for creating armour. He has a natural talent for turning an idea into reality by designing all of our patterns from scratch, including bags, armour, hats etc. He has also developed his own style of tribal knotwork which features on a lot of our costume pieces. 

In 2018 we moved from Essex to Somerset, where we finally got a little studio, nestled at the bottom of our garden on the edge of the magical town of Glastonbury in Somerset, UK.

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