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One of the things we are known best for are our handcrafted leather handbags. Our bags are all lovingly hand crafted from start to finish using veg-tan leather. We design the style and shape of each bag which is then hand stitched to provide a long lasting quality product. They feature our own designs, which are painstakingly hand tooled using traditional leather crafting techniques and then carefully hand painted. Our style has evolved over time and is easily recognisable, featuring our trademark spirals, art style and hand stitching technique. We rarely repeat a design exactly, each one is individually hand made therefore every bag is unique.

Our bags are completed with solid metal fittings, including swing locks and buckles.
Prices vary, depending on design, size and style. They currently average between £180-£300.


*Please note: We are unfortunately unable to accept any more bag commissions at this time. Please check our etsy shop, ebay shop or events page for bags available for sale. Thank you. *

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